New stuff coming up. Getting a small-ish system for those super-hot days. And for those coming cold mornings (though I think there is still a little time before I have to wear a jacket out brewing. Going to go ahead and try and get some interest for a homebrew club up and running as well.

I’ve been not brewing for a while now, but am getting the bug again. But man it was hot this summer. And I didn’t want to break out the bbl system in the sunshine and heat. I also didn’t feel like lugging around the keggles and hot propane burner with my back and neck acting up…

What to do? Break out the old small gear? Nah, that stuff is been relegated to other duties. Brew with my 48qt and big pot? Nah to that as well, too heavy. I could of course hook up a pump or two, but I like to try new stuff and thought I would give one of these cheap, small, Grainfather alternatives. I personally think GF, and Robobrew/Brewzilla, are gouging people for mostly information they got from other homebrewers. I’m just surprised they didn’t try suing everyone making what they were – though they would have little leg to stand on.

Anyway, I went with the Brewer’s Edge Mash & Boil. With the pump of course, though I do have a box of the little brown pumps I could have plumbed up. Hoping this thing will bring some nice cool brew sessions. I’ll have to feel it out and adjust my brewing to it, but after using more than 15 systems over the last 30 years, it’s not to hard to figure out. And software makes it feel like cheating.

First batch will be a batch of starter I’ll can up. I’ve been meaning to make some, as it makes it so much easier to have a bunch of jars on hand when you need them. The only reason I didn’t make any was the problems I laid out above.

So stick around, I’ll try and do the same.

Oh, and NO (North Okaloosa) Brew Club will be the more appropriate, family-friendly name. Ask me sometime about the old one…